I have converted the walk-in closet in my bedroom into a darkroom. It's home to my Leitz Focomat V35 and Opemus V enlargers, which were surplus to requirements at the local college of photography. They stand on a custom workbench, which has a 20cm (8") high central divider to separate the wet and dry sides. The wet side has a 4cm (1.6") rim around the top, to contain any spilt chemicals. I also installed the electric outlets and safelight. Phase 2 will include ventillation and a sink, which I plan to install beneath the boarded-up window under the clock. There is a small alcove on the far right with shelves that I use to store equipment - camera equipment and lenses are stored in airtight containers with silica gel dehumidifiers due to the tropical climate. Chemicals are kept in the fridge in the garage, although I would like to add a bar fridge in the darkroom when I can.