I need help with a little experiment I plan to try:
I have a thousand sheets of ORWO FU5, which is a very high contrast film used in the graphics industry, formerly made by ORWO. The film is pretty outdated( 1995) but has virtually no fog, or so I have found using it in a variety of situations. It has an unsensitized emulsion, and I use it at a sensitivity of 1.5-3 asa outdoors depending on light conditions. Inside, it's much harder, and with a 3000K continuous lighting setup I get an iso of around 3/8 of an ASA, the same I use for my collodion setup.
Here;s what I want to try - get some erythrosine and mix a sensitizer such as presented in "The Photographic Negative" by Burbank. Basically it's a two bath process - an ammonia bath to swell the emulsion, ant the dye bath. I know the film has no overcoating or any dye added to it during manufacture - or so I am told.
So the thing is - it it worth getting some erythrosine and possibly eosine to try to sensitize a film that expired the year I was born ?
If so, any tips ?