Thanks, James! That was a great year in my book; I had such a good time there!

From left to right, top to middle to sitting:

Top row: Jim Russell, Don Barber, Daniel Lin, Jamie (last name escapes me, round-shot guy)
Middle: Ike Eisenlord, Vinny Walsh, Marianne Priest, John Powers (in front of Marianne), Andrew Moxom, Thomas Bertilsson, Jerry Basierbe, Mark O'Brien, Dan Henderson, Mark Sieverson, Jeff Bannow, Eva Bannow, Ted (don't know last name), and Matt Blaise.
Sitting: Bob Carnie and his wife (sorry, don't know name), and their pup (Lucy?).

Where's Bill Schwab? Where's Nicole B-McG? Where's Don Cardwell?

A lot of these suspect looking folks are likely to show up in 2012 as well... and it's rewarding to meet every single one of them!