My best/favorite photographs add a new dimension to the experience. But, I can't think of any that were intended, at the time, to document what was happening. They were made because of the light or image. The mood in the resulting image, may be rather different than what I was feeling at the time.

When I'm looking to enjoy a sunset, for example, I'm just as happy, or even more happy to not have a camera, or attempt to record it.

I have plenty of shots done at places, Disney, scenic locations, etc. made during various family outings, etc. My impression is that, for me, they don't add much to the memory of the place or events. Few if any, are photos I'd designate as "favorites".

Maybe it is because, as a young photographer, was either engaged in journalism, or being paid to document an event or situation, so documenting, and reacting inwardly to the light or conditions are very separate endevors for me.

Interesting topic, thanks for starting it.