I learned this lesson long ago when I used to go scuba diving. I thought how great it would be to capture the images and relive the moments. We went out on a commercial dive boat one Sunday morning for our usual 2 dives before lunch. There was a tourist couple (among several others) on board. The two of them spent most of the transit to the dive site (about 45 minutes) getting their camera gear ready... housing seals lubed, film loaded, flashes connected and tested, etc... while we ate fruit, drank juice, and joked about the previous evening's events at a mutual friend's birthday party. What a way to ruin a nice cruise. While I would love to have photos of all my dives in the Florida Keys, I am happy I chose not to deal with any of the excess gear.
When I started looking for birds and wildlife in the Everglades, Loxahatchee and Big Cypress Park, many times I just left the camera in my pack and enjoyed the hiking/canoeing.
I may not have photos to show for everything I've done, but you can take a picture of the smile on my dead face when my time comes to pass.