I feel like I should bump this thread which I started long time ago. The point is - I have made a BIG mistake. I sold the Rolleiflex T in 2010 (to fund Mamiya 6 which I have now) and increasingly miss it

So - I am more and more seriously looking at getting a TLR again. As I do not plan to make the same mistake twice - once I will manege to get one I will NOT sell it again.

Contrary to many I actually liked the coupled shutter/aperture settings (though the lever was a bit small for secure grip in particular in cold weather). I also liked the film winding/shutter cocking and I am not sure I would like to swap with for the controls on Rolleicord in this regard.

I am looking at about the same candidates like last time (Autocord, Rolleicord, Rolleiflex T), though I would consider also the E or F 3.5 models (depends on funds a bit). However I decided to learn a bit more about the models in question before making the decision. I have contacted Harry Fleenor and asked him about Rolleiflex T and he told me, that it has less strong/reliable film winding and front controls as either Rolleicords (which are simpler) or Rolleiflex Xenotar/Plannar models (which are more robust). He explicitly mentioned that the T was not made for heavy use.

Now, I did not experience any problems with the T during the time I had it, but in the light of the above I would like to ask a few reliability related questions.

1) What about the reliability of the Minolta Autocord (later models with Citizen shutter)? I would love to hear comments on the internal robustness - any comments from repair/service?

2) Rolleiflex T owners - did you experience problems with film winding or the front controls?

3) I never had any other TLR in hand than the T - how does it compare to say 3.5F and/or Rolleicord V models side by side and in the use? How is the viewing screen? I found the screen on the T rather bright, but I was never sure whether it was the original one (when I bought the camera it was mounted upside/down and the camera miss-focused).

thank you