fstop, thanks for the hint to look at where the motor drive connects......I would have never have thought to look there OR as most of us buy these online, it would be prudent to ask seller to put picture of that area or ask if motor drive has been used (if they even know). I love my MD-12's on my FE and FAs, but will start doing as you and only install it if I really need it.

Rolleiman, thanks for that info on the MD-11. I can't remember why I chose to get MD-12's for my stuff right now, I think it was because I read somewhere the MD-12 was newer and many of the MD-11's were worked very hard and additionally that parts were harder to come by.

Speaking of CLA's for a FE and/or FA.......any recommendations out there? Anyone recently had a CLA done? Not that I am having any problems with mine, but I am in the mood to keep my FE and FA in a like new condition as possible. I think I am running on borrowed time with none of my cameras ever being serviced (which has to say something about quality manufacturing).

bob E.