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I've been having this problem for a year now with my FE. I've had it serviced twice, first time was a CLA and the second time was a more intense servicing of the innards. It went away for a while, but is now happening again. I don't know why or how, but I am sick and tired of it and it makes me want to throw the damn FE out the window. It's a shame because I really like the camera.
I think I would keep an eye out for a different, good condition FE and have it overhauled rather than putting more money into the one you have. It is unusual to have recurring problems with these cameras, you maybe just have one of the few bad ones. If I really liked shooting with it, I wouldn't let one bad one discourage me completely.

In general, not to Dr. Pain since he did get his FE serviced:

I have accumulated a lot of these from the FM/FE family as well as an F2 and F3. I have spent the money for a professional overhaul for all of them, I just include that in my expected expenditure when I buy one. I wouldn't expect a 30 year old car to run at it's prime without having spent money for oil changes and tune-ups, why should I expect my camera to just work indefinitely? I have a EX condition FG coming from KEH right now. If I really like it and decide to keep it, It will also get an overhaul. I've had very good luck with KEH repair (more expensive) and Garry's Camera Repair (much less expensive). Great turn-around and good quality of work from both.