If you want to play with it, give it a go. But if you really like the camera, and want to use it, get it to the best Yashica guy you can find over there to repair it.....OK, have a good CLA done on it then you will have a nice shooter.

I have one Lynx 14 that was actually in very nice condition and actually works well (it came from forum member (that's why)) and one that needs help. Haven't had the time, effort and money to send it to Mark Hama. If you can afford the postage, contact him. He will make it operate like new, then you can enjoy using that wonderful old camera. Nothing like using an old Lynx...

I have a lovely collection of the Lynx family that are in various states of needed repair. I purchased all of them because externally, they all are in almost new condition. Internally, they have been neglected, mostly because they sat in a closet for years and got gummed up.

If you have a keeper, get it fixed properly. I will be worth it in the long run, if not, have at it, you don't have much to loose. A "real" Lynx in good to excellent condition is getting really, really hard to find. If that's yours, please don't send it to an early death.....you have a part of photographic history that needs to be saved.....and enjoyed.

Bob E.