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Based on only moderate light fall-off near the ends, I'd say your pinhole to film spacing is probably OK. Several of the images appear to show camera motion during exposure; a solid way to anchor it would be good. I actually have a tripod socket (a 1/4-20 threaded "T-nut") in my most recent one. As others have said, there appears to be some light leaks too.

I didn't dig through that other site enough to learn what film format the guy was using. Generally from what I have seen, the larger the film format, the sharper the image. But sharpness can also be very much affected by the quality of the pinhole, as well as the size. A perfectly round hole with a knife edge in very thin material produces the best result.

You certainly got some recognizable results, it was a good attempt.

Thank you so much. It's useful for me. I'm beginner