I use a Manfrotto 055Pro tripod with my Hasselblad 501CM and at present 80 Planar lens which I love but I find it too large and heavy for certain duties, like an over-seas travelling companion. I have been thinking of getting a second tripod but I am not sure which would be the smallest that will support my camera and either 50mm or 80mm lenses.
Will the tiny Manfrotto Digi 714SHB tripod that supports up to 2.5 kilos, folds to 35cm and weights justs a kilo be enough or maybe go for the carbon 4 section 190MF4 which supports 4kilos, folds to 46cm and weights 1.6 kilos?
I know the theory of using the heaviest tripod you can afford and that an unsteady tripod is worst than no tripods, what's your opinion?