Hey guys,
I'm new here but I've been a member of other photo communities before such as photo.net and Flickr. I'm currently a poor college student! Currently from Los Angeles, and go to school on long island; you can often find me in the city a lot shooting street, however. I'm primarily a film shooter (current cameras include Mamiya 7ii and 65mm; Nikon Fe2 28mm ai-s, 35mm 2.0 ai, 50mm 1.8 E 55mm macro ai-s, 24-50mm af; Original Canonet; various parts cameras etc...) but I shoot digital for fun, but mostly because I have classes that require digital (Nikon D70; Sony NEX-5 and 16mm, and of course various adapters to adapt cool lenses and such). I've owned a large amount of cameras from almost every format over my years of shooting and collecting. My goal is to have owned and shot with a camera from every important brand and class of camera. I shoot street and urban landscape/ new topography.
I hope to get to know you all better and share my knowledge and gain some of yours!