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I do the complete opposite with my FE -- I leave the motor on at all times. The MD-11/12 seems much more fickle to get set up than are the later MD-4s. So I opt for getting it set up correctly and not having to fiddle wiht it again. The only reason I might take the MD-11 off of my FE would be to replace it with a MD-12. The battery drain is a real issue and I'm just not as disciplined as I should be with regard to turning the switch of 'off'. If only it wore out the MD batteries, but it wears out the meter batteries at the same time. Those once were found at every corner drugstore but not any longer.

Re: parts availability... I wouldn't worry about that. The are so old and inexpensive and plentiful that they may as well be considered "throw-away". That breaks my heart, but it is what it is.
I've never had issues with the md 12s I have, maybe I'm lucky but I've seen a lot of bodies and the ones I end up fixing wind problems on had a md on them.
What you do once you get a body is up to you, I was just sharing a tip on getting a body that has less film mileage on it. or I should say less winder mileage, I've seen people put the md on and play with the body with no film.
I have some pristine cameras that I baby. what can I say. I have everday users too.