Thanks. There is a lot of information there which I was not aware of.

The issues I have at the moment are:

1. When I put all of the shutter blades in place and fit the shutter mechanism back into the housing, they bind up. i.e. the actuating ring will not move. Two observations I made were that when I first took it apart, two of the three screws which hold it all together were loose. Also the shutter blade which fell out is larger than all the rest. I don't know if it should be or if someone has 'fixed' it before fitting a different blade and leaving the back a bit loose to stop it binding.
When I assemble the blades, I put in the four smaller blades first then the large blade last. It cant go in earlier as the larger blade would cover the pin of the next blade. Four of the blade actuating pins have a recess, the fifth is plain so I assumed that the larger blade should go on that pin. I don't know for sure, I'm just applying some sort of logic to it.

2. Although I think I have got all of the little springs back in place, with the blades removed again, The cocking lever does not latch in place. It just slips back again.

3. I'm 99% sure that I am putting the shutter speed ring back correctly but there is a lever sticking up from the timing mechanism which prevents the ring from turning through more than half of its travel (unless forced slightly when the ring rides over it).

My paln was to get it back working without the blades first but I am getting frustrated with it. At 10:00 last night I put it all in a box and put it away. By 11:00 my curiosity got the better of me and I was back putting it together again.

I don't like to let a mechanical (or electronic) problem get the better of me (although the amount of 'spare parts' I now have might argue against this) so I really would like to get it working again.

As I only paid 20 for the lens, even if I bough another 00 size shutter for it, it would still be considered a bargain. I just prefer to use what I have and leave spending money until the last resort!