Well, here we are again! Remember that the exchange time period is February-May. June will be rest and we will have the round 16 signup in July.

Sorry this is so late in starting, life keeps intruding...

Here is the roster. I have just sent out the PMs so if you didn't get one please let me know ASAP. Do not send your print until Monday, February 13 to allow for address corrections just in case, heaven forbid, I screwed something up or someone moved since they sent their address and forgot to tell me. Your PM will also contain your own address; please check it and notify me at once if it is incorrect or out of date.

The roster this time is:
1 anikin
2 markbarendt
3 Laurent
4 hpulley
5 nsurit
6 hankins27
7 Katie
8 ccross
9 JohnMeadows
10 bill williams
11 piu58
12 rst
13 ParkerSmithPhoto
14 JimO
15 Sundowner
16 Roger Cole
17 Paul_c5x4
18 Jaime Marin

Please keep us informed and post here when you've sent or received your print. Thanks!