Well Iíve really enjoyed photography all my life, caught the fever from my father and my grandfathers. Have made my living at it and as now for years enjoyed it as a passion and even part of my current job.

Of late I have been absolutely overwhelmed and put my life on hold for months now taking care of my ill and ageing mother and father. Spent months a thousand miles away from home, getting them in and out of hospitals, dealing with nursing homes, lawyers and Government red tape, selling ALL that they have acquired in life to set them on course for living out the time they have left in life. So as a care taker I have eaten away at myself to give for them.

I have thousands and thousands of photographs from my father and grandfather to sort out and they are piled up in our spare bedroom. Besides the legal and financial stuff taking a lot of time doing the photo chores of sorting, trashing, preserving and distributing; well, time takes time and a toll.

So where is my Photo Mojo? I have for some reason, (Stress I bet) lost all drive and desire to photograph people, places and things, "anything". I do not feel creative, motivated nor accepting that time to get out and shoot leaves so many details undone and there is such little time in a day as it is.

If you have lived through this and have words of encouragement and or guidance, I would appreciate your replies.