Do you have any reason to think your meter is "off?"

If not, then don't get into a frothing OCD fit over the slim possibility your meter needs calibration. Though I believe you can dial in a fixed adjustment(I can on my 558), I'd make sure it's "zero-ed" with no +/- and leave it be.

I have 3 Sekonics and none have ever disappointed in the accuracy dept. I'd put aside the chatter about baked-in inaccuracy and what the "real" gray card % is and make up your own mind. If you're shooting C-41 film, the material's latitude, especially for over-exposure, will absorb any slight metering/exposure anomalies. E6 is less forgiving but here, too, post-exposure processing can even things up.

Just make sure you know how to take an incident reading. Bad technique can screw things up and might be a bigger worry than possible calibration issues with your meter.