A few months ago, I was out shooting with my trusty Minolta XG-M. It was a very windy day, and I was hurrying to set up for a shot. I left the tripod for a moment, and sure enough, a strong gust knocked my rig to the ground, denting the camera, and breaking the lens off the camera. Surprisingly, the camera worked, and the lens probably could be repaired.

This happened at frame 21, and so I contiued to shoot the rest of the roll (using diffrent lenses). I got back the prints yesterday, and all frames look normal, expect for four frames, 21-24. These four frames are indoor portraits of my daughter, and are very blurry. Immediately, I figured that the fall had some effect on the operation of the camera. Then I thought: why are frames 25-36 okay? At frame 25, I am outdoors, shooting an evening landscape. All seems fine. I shot the four portraits of my daughter at f/2 at 1/60th, with an MC 50/1.4 Rokkor. I often shoot in available light at 1/60th. Also, while I try to avoid f/1.4 and f/2 with my 50/1.4 lens (as I can sometimes detect some vignetting), I have other shots at f/2 with this same lens that look good--i.e. not at all blurry. Did I just mis-focus?--but for all four frames? If the camera were damaged, why were just four frames affected?

I welcome any comments or observations, as I cannot determine what has happened here.