I always sort of enjoyed spotting. Mostly because it was so great to see a print slowly clean up and become "perfect". I used a 000 brush -- I found anything smaller to be a PITA and the tip of the 000 was small enough for anything I came across. But I was spotting 16x20's, so I suppose a 4x5 enlarged to only 8x10 would have smaller spots. I have an image from NZ that needed a couple hours of spotting, as the negative was hit by high humidity static while being stored with other exposed negs in a box for several months while touring by bicycle. That was a bit much, but the image is worth it.

Don't over-harden one's print in the fix -- that will make spotting more difficult as the Spotone (yes, I still have a nice stash of it) resists going into the emulsion.

I always used a condenser light source. Now I do mostly alt processes and rarely need to spot.