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The corded flash and auto reset flash modes are accurate. I only meter in incident mode as I am mostly a portrait photographer.

It is in the ambient mode that it is out. Both in shutter priority and apeture priority modes. I just stepped outside and took an incident reading at iso 400 @f4. The Sekonic reads 1/160. My phone's meter read 1/125 which is what my dslr read the scene at as well. It doesn't just over expose though, it can and has underexposed a scene by 3 stops before when I relied on it to meter with my C330. I pretty much just got a roll of blackness back from then.
Just to be sure: ambient=incident. You're using the dome fully extended? Your dslr is giving a reflected light reading and it will vary from a 358 incident reading. Just make sure via the manual that there's no calibration or exposure adjustment dialed in. BTW, how do you take an incident reading?