My sympathies, Lee. Reading your post hit a chord with me, as I am in the same ocean as you, if not in the same boat. Am feeling a bit photo-lackadaisical myself. In a photographic rut. My situation aren't as dire as yours, though. I am a grad student doing my PhD and I'm living on a student's allowance for two (my wife is a housewife). My in-laws are going to retire soon which means they're going to expect some financial help from me in the near future. Their health isn't that good as well. My parents are also thinking of retiring for good, and their health is also sloooowly going downhill. My gear addiction isn't helping either

I have tired of taking street photos and don't have enough money to hire models to shoot in the studio (portraits are my main interest), and travelling hundreds of miles away just for a photo trip is out of the question with my busy research schedule.

What I do though, to help overcome the problem, is to just go out & TRY to take photos. Even if you don't feel like it. Sometimes it helps. I have wandered around places with a camera (even though I'm bored of street photos), at first thinking what a waste of time this is, only to suddenly find something worth photographing. So..just a suggestion..go out & try to make something. It might be easier than you think.

Good luck & may you & yours have all the best.