I had my Pentax meter mistaken for a gun twice.

The first in 1990 by a store clerk at Canyonlands NP in Utah. After the carload of armed rangers determined that it really was a light meter I asked where the clerk was from and then opinioned that they hadn't eliminated the inbreeding problems there yet.

The second was standing in line at a McDonalds in Annapolis, MD in about 1994. An older gentleman informed me that the Zone VI holster looked too much like a gun and besides lightmeters were to be worn around your neck. I thanked him for his input. but the meter was staying where it was and I didn't like anything around my neck, even neckties.

Nothing since 2001.

It really doesn't resemble a firearm, most don't have a lens on the front. Today it looks like a funny looking camera.

Don't worry.