I did a show last year from my iP4 in Hipstamatic mostly in 9 x 9's and sold enough to pay for 8 iPhones. Two of the prints went as big as 30 x 30 and looked very cool. I also hope that Kodak comes out of this in much better shape...

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I know it's a poor venue for discussing this, but I took a picture photographed with the new iPhone 4S, and I did some minor adjustments in Photoshop, and subsequently printed an 8.5 x 11 on the Epson R2400, and it is a gorgeous print! The camera in that phone is actually damned good, especially in low light it's miles better than my own iPhone 4, and better than the little Nikon P&S digital camera too. I don't think there's a future for digital cameras other than what's in a phone, or an SLR. I wouldn't be surprised to see an SLR that you can dock the iPhone to either, or have pictures transferred via Bluetooth while you're shooting. The possibilities are endless, and I believe we've only just seen the beginning yet.

I don't know if that adds anything to the discussion or not, as I feel I'm digressing a little, but in my mind what's happening at Kodak will hopefully allow the company to survive, while some really tough sacrifices have to be made. It's bound to have sad consequences, but hopefully some good news for those that still have a job.