First and foremost, don't force it! Some people say you should try to shoot through it, if you get "shooter's block." I think that can be very counterproductive, if it amounts to forcing yourself to do something that you aren't really enjoying at this moment. Imagine telling a writer with writer's block to practice writing :s Not good.

You could maybe pick an easy re-entry point, perhaps grab a piece that you'd really enjoy using, just something inexpensive and fun- a lomo fisheye or whatever makes you smile! Yes, it is about enjoyment, first and foremost. And, who knows, maybe "serious" photography just isn't where it's at for you right now? I recently took a detour through linocutting and other similar methods. Now I'm back to photography... with a very different perspective on the creative process.

I think it's very important to realize that the technical process and the creative process are not the same. In my own experience, a lot of people who develop shooter's block have simply forgotten that. Photography can be as easy as you wish; just try not to load it down with a bunch of technical trivia. A lot of smart people put a lot of time into making the craft accessible to everyone... and it's as easy as you like or as complex as you like.