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I know it's a poor venue for discussing this, but I took a picture photographed with the new iPhone 4S, and I did some minor adjustments in Photoshop, and subsequently printed an 8.5 x 11 on the Epson R2400, and it is a gorgeous print!
Not surprising at all! And bear in mind the bigger picture which is that more and more people want to share their shots rather than print them with any seriousness. Like I've been saying for some time, digicam makers are going to get their clocks cleaned by even cheaper smartphone cameras, with which sharing is easy and natural. There is s till a big gap between the pocketable smartphones and the "serious" dslrs.... many of which don't even need to have mirrors, frankly.

What is extraordinarily odd to me is that the digicam makers haven't caught on and made web-ready cameras that would, you know, have twitter or facebook button on the back or something. It's what the kids want and very easy to implement.