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Yes the dome is extended. I only use the dome retracted if I'm taking pictures of other pictures or paintings. When I'm metering I use a similar method to the Kirk Tuck and Vincent Laforet does when they're working. There are videos of them on the Sekonic site.

I know the dslr is giving reflected but my phone's lightmeter agrees with the dslr and the histogram reading matches what I'd expect to see from the reading. But that's the digital side of things and we shouldn't talk of such things in here

When I meter, for example in an indoor portrait session I will take mulitple readings from the top, front, sides and rear (usually around six seperate meter readings to check the light falloff is right and set my camera for the highlights. I like to know how much falloff I have around my models to control my light better.

Doing the same thing in an outdoor session in the ambient metering mode on the 358 I get erratic readings similar to the ones I posted above.
Say I'm using my OM2 and you have the +- symbols light up (reflected). When using my phone light meter they match up nicely when I set the OM2 to the settings on my phone. However on the Sekonic it will either register above or below (over and under exposing). That's ok when I have a relfected meter to fall back on in camera to ballpark my figures but with my C330 that doesn't have any metering I have to rely on external metering.

I am thinking actually after explaining this, that I do have a problem with my sekonic. Thanks. I hope that this info is useful to someone else and I haven't just hijacked the Op's thread for nothing. Sorry about that by the way.
Aside from the off chance your 358 is sick, I'd still go back into its settings menus and check for any dialed in compensation and zero it. I'm not getting the point of your incident metering technique in either setting. Ratios??? Have you simply taken a single outdoor incident reading with the dome pointed at the camera, at, say, ISO 200, dialed in the setting manually on your dslr and checked the results?