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The 35mm Curtagon is good, but not great. A bit soft at wider apertures, but the colour rendition is excellent in keeping with other Schneiders. Agree that the Xenon is excellent, as is the Rodenstock Xsarex. Beautiful camera to use and look at though, and agree that the Tele-Arton could be better, not so much the image quality, but the thing doesn't focus near close enough for a portrait lens.
I think that the 28mm Curtagon is a better lens, slow at F4, but great colour.
I had my Tele-Arton adapted to my Bessamatic because I couldn't find a 90mm for it. BTW, the 35mm Skoparex from the Bessamatic is a superb lens and I think that they can be fitted to the Retinas quite easily.
The Voigtländer 90mm is one of the sharpest I've ever used (though most 85-105mm lenses tend to be very very good), only a bit prone to flare. Agree about the 35mm Skoparex being very sharp, but also very flare-prone.

I had a lot of fun playing with the Retina Reflex, Retina IIIS and Bessamatic, but found other cameras to be more effective photographic tools. Not because of "features", but mainly ergonomics, poor close focusing distances because of their mount (the Retina 200mm could come as close as 8 metres, the Voigtländer 350, IIRC, 20 metres!), in some cases excess flare, etc.