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Lee-- Props to you for being such a good son. Caregivers need care too and it's not a good idea to neglect your own needs and life. Maybe you can separate what *needs* to be done from what can wait. Medical care and living accommodations are urgent needs, but sorting photos? It can wait. As long as the photos are protected from the elements--why add to your responsibilities? Build personal time into your schedule to do things you enjoy and as Keith mentioned--no need to force anything with photography--it will be there when you want it. Take care.


How true. I'll box these up,heard them into a safe place and let them wait. There in deed may be some ideas generated from viewing all those images, but life in the now.... has a way of bringing images to life that one experiences. I can get back to the images of the past again in easier times.

Never knew how much is involved in picking up other's lives for them. the needs and got toos first, and then the list of secondary things follow is right. When in overwhelm time colapses and all things seem to be first in line.

Keith's idea is a good one. I'll punch holes in the care taker's 26 hour days and fall back a notch or three.

Thanks for the response!