Hi I'm Shane from South Devon in the United Kingdom,

After shooting digital for years, for some unknown reason I bought a classic 35mm camera on ebay a few months ago and my analogue addiction started there. I have now overtaken one of our bathrooms and turned it into a darkroom. I love developing my own film and then making real prints. There is something about the archival properties of film that I like. I am looking forward to joining in the Postcard swaps.

At the moment I am working through a 100ft roll of Kodak Fine Grain Positive film that exprired in 1972 - the images are amazing (to me at least) and they look great at 8 x 10 on old Bromesko Paper from the 60s.

I just stumbled across APUG whilst browsing - it looks like an excellent place to meet and chat to other like minded analogue photographers, so thanks for letting me in!

I have attached a self portrait taken on expired FP4+ with my Canon T90 and a few other recent shots on my Canon A-1 that are taken Kodak FGP.