My comments too, are anecdotal.

As a professional portrait photographer, I shot weddings and portraits and printed in color since 1976. When I sold the studio in 1986 I had already encountered problems with print deterioration. Even today I still believe color is not very stable.

In 1993 I started doing black and white portraits exclusively. I started using RC because I believed that the information from Ilford that RC was stable. Initially I was not what you'd call very anal about some of my printing methods and soon I had prints that were yellowing in as little as 6 months. Not all just a few. I tightened up my proceedures( two bath fix, print washer, etc) and I still would get the same problems. I contacted Ilford on a number of occasions but nobody seemed to have the answers. Every print had been archivally framed as well.

Finally I just switched to fiber and the problems have gone away. I follow the threads on this and other photography sites and the RC vs FB debate rages on. For me I can't risk the 10% of the prints that were yellowing and I am very happy with the posibilities that FB gives even though it is a little more work.

My prints are displayed on walls. They are not put in the freezer, in portfolio books or tucked away. I admit that I have still got a lot of RC prints that are fine, it's just that it's not worth it to me to take the chance.

Just an opinion.

Michael McBlane