Hi all, this is my first post here and was hoping to get a bit of advice. I just received a "mechanically sound" Konica Auto S2 rangefinder which I bought off ebay, only to find the aperture blades were stuck. So I pulled the lens from the body, got past the rearmost lens cell and cleaned them up, all good. So, now when I put everything back together, the shutter isn't operating properly (it was working before I pulled it apart). The advance lever cocks the shutter and it will fire if tripped with a finger/screwdriver, but pressing the button doesn't set it off. I've tried adjusting the gold adjustment screw on the shutter button shaft with no luck (see pics), this is the first time I've pulled an RF apart and I can't figure out what I'm missing, does anyone who's tinkered with a few of these have any ideas? Much appreciated.