Hello All,

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am a professional photographer of some 25+ years based in the Detroit area of the state of Michigan. My passions are the urban and natural landscape among others and my work is represented in various galleries around the globe as well as several museums including Cincinnatti Museum of Art, George Eastman House among others. I stumbled across this site today and was pleased to find so many like minded people on board. I look forward to browsing through the forum and contributing when I can. I love to talk with photographers and artists of all degrees and look forward to contributing where I can. Also hoping to lerarn a few new tricks as well!

All are invited to my website to peruse through the work offered there. I've been workjing on a project in Iceland the last couple of years and I hope you'll stop by to see some of the work.


I will also be debuting the Iceland portfolio at The Halsted Gallery in Birmingham, Michigan in September and November this year. Opening is September 6th and all are welcome to attend. For further info. stay tuned to:


Thanks and I look forward to my future online here at APUG!

All the Best, Bill Schwab

PS. Congratulations to those responsible for administering this site. Great Job!