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I would normally reprint but it's on the new Ilford Art 300 in 20x24, thus, I cannot afford it!

I managed to get a presentable final print. My saving grace is that it's a Holga photo with lots of deep tones. Spotting lighter tones is more difficult in my opinion.

Hiring out spotting isn't a bad idea! Jordanstarr.. wanna swing through Kansas City and make a little extra cash?? I'm also willing to pay extra in good beer or KC BBQ

Anyone know a good source for spotting technique? The info I've come across is, well.. spotty.
Maybe if you were in Cali or NYC I would. Ha.

I actually find the lighter tones a lot easier to work with in my opinion. Deeper is harder to match for me, but the great thing about deeper blacks is that if you don't quite match it and go too dark, it blends in a little better than going too dark on a light spot.

I don't know a good source, but since this has come up quite a bit, I was thinking of making a short instructional video and putting it on you tube (I also thought of doing one with bleaching). It's one of those advanced techniques that you can't find any great information on and even the ones I do find on You Tube don't really teach you a lot. I just don't have a camera that does good closeups and would also need someone to film it for me to do it right.