First off, I do wave actual guns around: AR-15s, Glocks, hunting rifles and target guns.
I carry them in my car. I wear them in holsters. I do it legally and without any sense of trepidation.
My neighbors see me carrying guns to and from my car on a regular basis. Nobody has ever even asked me about my guns. I have never had any trouble with cops or security guards or anybody else.
Part of the reason I seem so smug about this is because I feel confident that, if there is some kind of trouble that puts me in danger or puts my family or anybody else around me in harm's way, I have the tools necessary to stop that threat quickly and with reasonable security that innocent people won't get hurt accidentally.

I have the right to do this and, within the bounds of local regulation, every other law abiding American has the same right. There's no reason anybody should be ashamed of using a gun for any legal purpose.

Second, it's not my responsibility to worry about whether some idiot mistakes a light meter for a gun. It barely, remotely looks like a gun. Like others have said, there are video cameras that appear more gun-like that a Pentax light meter. Nobody worries about whether people will mistake those video cameras for guns.

I just can't spend my life looking over my shoulder to see if some stupid person is grabbing at straws.

It is law enforcement's responsibility to determine if a person is an actual threat. That is a responsibility that they should take very seriously. It is a responsibility that we should MAKE them take very seriously. Running around like scaredy cats is no way to make our government live up to its responsibility. We, as a group, need to hold their feet to the fire and call them out when they do wrong.

That's all I'm saying.

I'm not going to go running around town waving anything around, whether it looks like a gun or not, in such a way that is going to scare people.
If somebody has a question, they can come up to me and politely ask me. I'll be glad to tell them anything they want to know. I'll hand them a business card and tell them to call me if they want me to take photographs for them and I'll give them a good price.

If I am in a public place, minding my own business, not breaking any laws or hurting anybody, if somebody doesn't have something nice to say to me, I EXPECT to be left alone.
To the extent of my ability, I will do my best to extend that same courtesy to other people, as well.