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I agree with Keith and Barry. And... Don't force it. Take some walks (maybe take a camera, but leave it in your bag unless you see something really good), get some fresh air, get some space. Being a caretaker and cleaner-outer take a lot out of you. My parents have spent much of the last year cleaning out my grandmother's house. They're both exhausted with it. They're also planning a trip to Scotland in June. Take some sort of break once you've done the things that absolutely have to be done.
And maybe it's time for a print sharing get-together near Cuyahoga National Park?

Thanks so much for your message of hope. I have been looking in the Great Lakes Region in hopes of seeing a future even pop up in John's delightful neighborhood. Being with friends and sharing images and exploring sounds wonderful.

I can understand and own the shoes when it comes to clean out of other's homes. My thoughts are with your parents in their efforts and I have always dreamed of visiting Scotland so I hope they have an outstanding time relaxing there.