Ansal Adams The Print is a good starting place. Condenser heads use condensers to focus the light, increases printing speed, contrast, and is very sharp, but tends show dust and other negative defects. Diffusion is softer, the light is not focused, slower, less sharp, but with less contrast it is easier to print both shadows and keep texture in the highlight, and shows less dust. A cold light is diffusion with a florcesent or neon light. Very diffuse and does put out the heat of a tunston light so negatives don't buckle in long exposures. Down side is depending on the make of the head may be slow and you need to print on graded paper. A Point source is a condenser on steroids, very very sharp, uses a very small clear very bright blub. Ansel Adams printed most of his 35mm on point source. A color head is a diffusion system that uses a halogen bulb for light, a mixing chamber, and colored filters to print color ,it can also be used as contrast filters for black and white.

The Omega B 66 is a very good enlarge, small footprint easy to take down, the only draw back is that is only take up to a 6X6 negative. At some point you may to shoot