Good luck, Lee!

I hope everything works out well for both you and your parents. You seem like a true model son for being so diligent with helping your parents. My own folks went through the same with my grandmother over in Sweden at the end of last year, and it drained a lot of their energy and will to do other things, which they simply had to set aside for a while.
Perhaps what you need is some time, and some pause in your life to just settle your mind around everything that's happened and changed. I had my divorce in 2010, where I moved out of my old house in September 2009, and then sorted things until about June of 2010. In those months I had very little desire for photography, and it wasn't a fun experience, so I mostly left it alone, which I think was necessary. Instead I cooked good meals, spent time with friends, relaxed, had a glass of good wine now and again, and I tried to enjoy every single moment of it.
But after a few months of stalling photography I was a bit lost, not feeling that it would come back to me, and then a couple of people, whom I'm infinitely grateful to, gave me a kick in the rear to force me to get out there and shoot a roll off, process it, and do something with the negatives. And then do it again. Eventually this reeled me in, and I found a place in photography where I am even more passionate and motivated than I ever was.

What's individual and important, I think, is the timeline in which this happens. You may well find yourself being inspired as heck one day, for no apparent reason, or you may not, but I think the advice to pause is sound, and then you'll have to figure out when and if you need a kick in the rear to get going again, and when you do I'll happily provide it.

You seem like a really good guy, and I'm sure you'll get all of this sorted out in time.

- Thomas