Glad you found us.

That film you are working on is Orthochromatic (red blind... in fact may only be blue sensitive. It gives quite neat effects, very Victorian like when shot pictorially. I have read that it uis really old Kodabromide paper coating emulsion placed onto a plastic film base.

I process mine to make unsharp contrast reduction masks. It is quite useful to be able to inspect the density in the developer tray under red safelight when making these masks, since time and temperature are not quite definable for the intermittent use this task gives, and the varied expsoure also.

So don't shoot it all up; in time you may want to make unsharp masks, and then you wil curese shooting it all up.

I'm pleased to hear of your newfound film addiction. Enjoy yourself. I have had this fun 'disease' for more than 25 years, and it wanes from time to time, but never goes away.