I have 42 Brownie cameras:

  • 10 - Baby Brownie
  • 6 - Baby Brownie Special
  • 1 - Brownie 2A Model C
  • 2 - Brownie Hawkeye
  • 3 - Brownie Hawkeye Flash
  • 2 - Brownie Holiday
  • 1 - Brownie Holiday Flash
  • 1 - Brownie Reflex
  • 1 - Brownie Scouts
  • 1 - Brownie Starlet
  • 4 - Brownie Target Six-16
  • 9 - Brownie Target Six-20
  • 1 - Brownie No. 3

I've probably got another dozen or so cameras that I haven't even cataloged yet.
I would like to take some of these Brownies out and shoot them but, like the old woman who lived in a shoe, I've got so many cameras I don't know what to do.
So many cameras and so little time.

My general plan is to keep the best example of each for display then choose a second example to take out and shoot. The rest I want to find homes for but it's hard to know where to look or who to ask.
It's not necessarily about the money or trade value of the cameras but it's more about finding somebody who appreciates them for what they are. There are so few people who even understand what they are, let alone what they are worth.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!