I wonder about the color balance of your negatives: What was the color temperature of the light used for their exposure (approximately), and what was the "balance" of the negative film?

I've just worked with Fuji Crystal Archive, and it does take less filtration - both magenta and yellow - than my "old standby" Ilfocolor.

It may be that you will need to decrease the color temperature of the exposure using yellow/ orange filtration.

Wait..... After "proof reading" this ....

You say that your prints have a "cyan cast"? To compensate, you would have to ADD 5-10cc of CYAN, not magenta. Remember this is a negative printing process... you must ADD to the color filtration to remove the same excess color from the print.[/QUOTE]

The film was Kodak Ultra Color 400, 120 size. The shots are yellow daffodils with a black background, shot outdoors, mixed clouds & sun. Background was black mat board.

What's got me wondering is, the flowers look pretty good. The 2 lightest gray squares of the Color Checker have the cyan cast. The white square looks fine & so do the other colors. Could UV light cause this? I know I've gotten a cast similar to this with a non-UV filtered Novatron strobe set-up and the brighteners in white paint (woodwork), but I'm not sure the Color Checker would do this as well.

I'm going to try printing on some Kodak Supre Endura I've got & see what happens there. Also, I'll try mixing another batch of chemicals. This batch is 1 month old & used to about 1/2 capacity.