This is the Starlet I have.
This isn't a picture of my camera but it's the same model.
Mine is in similar condition. Maybe a hair bit nicer. Don't remember. It's been a while since I packed it away.
(Everything is stored in military ammo boxes with packets of silica gel inside.)

The No. 3 is still in working order, as far as I can tell but needs some cleanup.
Again, haven't had the opportunity to fully assess it.

Here's a question. If I have multiple examples of a camera, for example the "Hawkeye" and the "Hawkeye Flash" but I don't have room to keep both of them, do you suppose it's better to keep the flash model and find a new home for the standard one?

If the right person comes along, I might be interested in selling or horse trading some of these (and other) cameras.