I believe this is possible with the iPhone version too.

But I cannot decide on which minute the agitations are supposed to occur. I can get it to agitate every 30s, or every 3m. No problem. It's just that the app tells me I should be agitating at, for example, the 7 minute mark, while I need it to be on the 8 minute mark.

Here's a layout of my HP5+ process:

At -11m15s, pour in chemistry.
Agitate full first minute from -11m to -10m
Agitate 10s every 2m, at -8m, -6m, -4m, and -2m
At -15s, pour out chemistry.
Stop 30s.
Fix 6m.
Wash 20m.
Wetting agent.
Hang to dry.

The app forces agitations at the 9m, 7m, 5m, 3m, and 1m marks. I want to change that to the above, but I can't.

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It's possible with the just released symbian version, all the stages and agitation are fully customizable.
For example I had this agitation scheme:
Continuous agitation for the fist 30 seconds;
Agitate each 30 seconds until 2 minutes;
Agitate each minute until 10 minutes;
Agitate once per 2 minutes after 10 minutes.

It's also possible to save the same film/developer/ISO combination to favourites multiple times
with different settings, including agitation scheme.