I haven't bought a new camera or lens for almost a year, and I can feel the Gas building. Just now I was looking at the cameraleather.com site for ideas on what camera to buy next. That's sad. Very, very sad. Sort of like buying a house because you have some remodeling ideas you want to try out.

Apart from that, my next purchase will likely be an EOS 1V to replace a 1N. Or maybe a Contax RTS II + winder. Perhaps a Contax ST + battery pack. Or maybe an EF 200mm f/2.8. But money's been very tight for the last few years. I find myself perusing the KEH catalog during down-times in the reading room, looking for inspiration.

My latest 'thing' seems to be trying different make lenses on EOS bodies. The only ones in my arsenal that fit are the Contax C/Y mount and Mamiya M645 mount. Got any other ideas?

I need a cheaper hobby....