So I've comeback from a couple of months travelling and I've decided to up the ante on my darkroom. So far I have just been getting along with the bare minimum - just a LPL 66-SII with an astron lens and some developing trays. I think it is waste that I have GAS for new lenses when I'm not taking enough effort with my end product. So I thought I should upgrade a bit my current list of things to get are a new enlarging lens probably a nikkor 50 2.8, an easel, maybe a contact printer, a timer and maybe some darkroom lights. I also should probably get a 35mm film holder because at the moment I am just using the 6x6 one with a mask but these seem hard to find.

Is there anything that I'm missing out on? Furthermore where can I buy this stuff from because I had a pop in at vanbar and it is quite expensive and there haven't been many ebay auctions recently that have the stuff that I am looking for; are there any other shops in Melbourne that sell this sort of equipment or should I just wait for the camera market next month?