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Very nice. What lens does your Monitor have? Many of them have the Anastigmat Special--basically a front cell focusing Ektar and very nice to use. Glad to see I'm not the only one respooling 120.
Yeah it has a Special. It's actually a later coated one. I am able to put 120 on the supply side. had to mak a very small groove in the body of the camera so the lower flange would go in. I cover the groove with a tiny piece of electrical tape that fits in the light seal margin right next to the hinge. I still have to use 620 take-up spools. There are a few different configs of the film compartments in these things. On some, there's a little insert that holds the supply spool and also incorporates the film roller. Can't get a 120 roll in those without removing the insert, and you lose the roller. No big whoop according to people who've done it. But it's seriously a hullova camera for the money.