Hi there -- I'm Charles Trentelman, a columnist at the Standard-Examiner (www.standard.net) and avid amateur photographer. I carry a small P & S digital camera for newspaper work, but my own photography is pure film -- Leicas and Rolleis and, off and on but more on of late, pinhole.

I'm 63 and looking at retirement and hope to do a lot more work in photography, working at the local University as a volunteer lab assistant in the photography department to help spread the gospel of film. There's a professor up at that school (Weber State University) who is doing daguerreotypes so pinhole will fit right in.

I will try to insert a self-portrait of me taken with a ZeroImage 2000 camera in my kitchen. I look a bit ghostly, but that's pinhole for you. I would love to communicate with anyone, anywhere, about photography in general and pinhole. I can also be found on Facebook under my name, Charles Trentelman.

self portrait.jpg