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I have one for my 4550 and it makes the image really bright but I haven't tried printing 35mm with the 4x5 mixing box for comparison. The times I get for an 8x10 with the attenuation filter closed and the lens set to f/8 are in the 8 to 12 second range with dichroic filtration on max magenta or yellow (that is a combined time). I also have to set the lens to f/8 for smaller prints otherwise I don't have enough time to dodge anything. At full extension of the head I get times of 12-15 seconds at f/5.6 with the attenuation filter open. These times are on VC papers such as Oriental.

The one caveat I would add to this is I don't know if the little condenser on the 35mm mixing box is large enough to use a wider lens like a 40mm for example. I have been meaning to ask here if anyone does it. I usually use a 65mm for enlarging 35mm though. I get perfectly even light with a 65mm. A 50mm still works fine but needs to be more carefully centered. (I use the 4x5 glass carrier with a home made mask for 35mm).

I hope that helps.
Good point about the wide lens and big enlargements. The paradox is just when you need the extra light from the smaller mixing box for big prints, you may find that it does not cover the negative well. Or at least it needs to be perfectly centered.