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Yashica TLRs were made with a few different lenses. The Yashinon is generally considered the best of the Yashica TLR lenses, but differences may be minor. The big thing to verify the condition/accuracy of the shutter. Leaf shutters (as in most, if not all, TLRs) like to be exercised on occasion. Make sure the little focus magnifier pops up properly and stays up. Make sure the focus distance as shown on the focus knob is close to the distance to the object you're focusing on. Finally, make sure the film winds correctly and does not overlap. All this applies to any TLR, with the exception of the Yashinon lens.

$100 is optimistic for a Yashica in good condition, but you might get lucky.
I'm gonna take a look at a Yashica-24 tomorrow. He offered $45, so I guess it sounds like a good price. Is there anyway I can verify the accuracy of the shutter on spot when I'm taking a look at it?
And everyone seems to be recommending Rolleis. Can you get a Rollei for $100?

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you can run 120 in a 24 with no problems at all.
And thanks! If I choose to pick i up tomorrow, I'll be sure to keep this in mind.

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Although I'm just another guy with an opinion, you might watch for a Super Ricohflex and use the extra $50 to $60 left in your budget to buy film. You will have no disappointments. An amazing bargain. Bill Barber

How do the Super Ricohflexs compare in price and in performance? An extra 50 bucks for film would be pretty helpful. Film is pretty expensive.. x.x