For my light tripod I use a Slik Sprint Pro with a Giotto 1001 and RRS plate with my 501cm and 60mm. It seems to work good, but I do have a habit of using mirror lockup, and do on occasion may hold the ballhead down a little. It is easy to open and can be used like a monopod with the legs together. The legs are adjustable to different angles and have rubber feet or spikes when the feet are screwed in. I have a habit of leaving my Hassy on the ballhead and carrying it by the ballhead with 1 or 2 sections of legs closed depending on where I am. This is a nice light tripod to carry and I doubt I would change it for anything, even a carbon fiber as they would be much bulkier to carry. Price is right at about $89. On a recent 6 mile hike it was a real pleasure to carry compared to my larger Manfrotto.