if this were a 110 we were talking about a conversion might be worth it - but the 95? They weren't all that great brand new, God knows how well the shutter works now 50 years down the pike.
The polaroid 250 already takes pack film. Buy some at freestyle http://www.freestylephoto.biz/66910-...le?cat_id=2401

but if you really want to use pack film get a 180 or 195 -- they're harder to find but have an adjustable mechanical shutter. The 250 uses an automatic shutter that needs a battery that I think you used to be able to get at Radio Shack, but am not sure. The 180 and 195 were much used by pros when they used polaroid film for exposure tests on shoots, a practice now made obsolete by digital technology, so the prices have come down.